Getting Started For Producers

Are you interested in adding your program(s) to ContentDepot®? Follow the steps below to become a ContentDepot producer.
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step 1

Complete the Registration

To request registration materials and more information about becoming a ContentDepot producer, please contact the NPR Distribution account management department at 202.513.2618 or by email:

step 2


Any producer distributing programming through ContentDepot (including satellite, electronic, or Internet transmissions) must be covered by a multimedia liability insurance policy to protect against claims that may arise from the broadcast or other distribution of a program or related material.  Each producer is responsible for their own insurance.

step 3

Familiarity with the Laws and Regulations

Broadcasting is a regulated industry, and numerous federal and state laws and regulations apply to public and commercial radio stations. For the most part, these regulations affect broadcasters, not program producers. However, program producer also are bound by various laws, as well as laws applicable directly to the program producer, such as copyright and libel laws.

Getting Started: Distribution Rates

Occasional Rates

Producers are billed for ContentDepot distribution according to the number of megabytes used to transmit a program.
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Full-Time Rates

Data capacity is measured in megabytes and can be purchased in two service types: megabyte buckets and a streaming service.
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New Producer Discounts

Producers that are either entirely new to ContentDepot or that have used ContentDepot no more recently than three years before returning as users, are eligible for the following discounts:

50% off standard ContentDepot fee

1st year of transmission

35% off standard ContentDepot fee

2nd year of transmission

25% off standard ContentDepot fee

3rd year of transmission

Producer Incentives

ContentDepot producers are eligible for discounts for when they meet the following:



Minimum Hours Commitment *
Must distribute a minimum of 52 hours of programs
10% discount
Minimum Program Commitment *
Must distribute at least one program a week for 52 weeks
10% discount
Exclusivity Discount *
Must exclusively distribute content exclusively via ContentDepot. Self-distribution does not qualify
5% discount off
posted contract rates
Multi-Year Contract Discount
No increase in rates
for life of contract
* These discounts require a one-year contract.